Journey Retreats X Movement Flow Bali Retreat

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East Coast, Bali


20-25th May 2024


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Twin share (per person) $1,705

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"Journey towards firing up your mind, body, and spirit through movement"

What will you gain from the Retreat?

Ignite Your Journey with Movement Flow and Journey Retreats

Welcome to the world of Movement Flow, a transformative practice that illuminates the path towards personal breakthrough and self-discovery. Created with the belief that the power of movement transcends physicality, Movement Flow is more than a workout—it's a journey of becoming.

Over the past decade, Movement Flow have meticulously designed an all-inclusive system, a gateway to personal growth that is accessible and welcoming to everyone, no matter their age or skill level. This isn't about intimidating gymnastics or impossible acrobatics—it's about you, your journey and the astounding power of human movement.

Personal Growth Through Movement

Our vibrant and supportive community is the testament to our system's impact and effectiveness. With thousands of practitioners across the globe, we continually cultivate an environment that encourages growth at all skill levels. Take part in our retreat and experience for yourself the camaraderie that radiates from our shared passion.

Throughout the week, you’ll sharpen your proprioception—your ability to sense and understand your body's position and movement. You will learn how to intertwine with the earth beneath you, creating fluidity in your ground connection. Our programs will lead you from simple to intricate flow sequences that bring strength, joy and a greater sense of connection to yourself and the world around you. And if you're ready for a real challenge, you might even master the handstand!

Why Wait? Start Your Journey Now!

So, why wait? Embark on your journey to increased strength, flexibility, and self-discovery. Explore the depths of your movement capacities and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

We invite you to dive deeply into the experience of Movement Flow with Journey Retreats. Our retreats provide the perfect atmosphere to embark on this inspiring journey. Fire up your mind, body, and spirit—come and explore this beautiful world of motion with us. Your journey begins now.


When will the retreat be available to purchase?

We are giving our registered VIP guests first access, be sure to register your details. You will also receive an early bird discount when booking.

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Will there be payment plans available?

Absolutely! The payment plan is an option for each package and includes 8 x fortnightly payments. Need to change the frequency? Just reach out to us at, we want to make it as flexible as possible for you.

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Do I need to be fit to attend?

The retreat is open to all ages and all fitness levels. Each workout will be adjusted to your capabilities and the amazing coaches will help you to achieve even more.

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